The Dangers of Drug Interactions


Drug interactions happen when you use medicines from Pharmacies in Florida with food, substances, and other drugs that react negatively with each other. And these reactions may cause inefficiency and side effects to a person who will take them together.

What are some examples of drug interactions?

  • Drug-drug interaction
    This type of interaction happens when a person takes two or more kinds of medicines at the same time. Many people visit different specialists for various illnesses. When they take one for each condition, chances are, some medicines could contain contradicting ingredients, like sedatives for sleeping problems and antihistamines for allergies.
  • Drug-food interaction
    Some foods are not compatible with certain Prescription Medication types. An example of this reaction is taking antibiotics with dairy.
  • Drug-alcohol interaction
    Alcohol intakes are prohibited when under Medication Therapy of antibiotics, muscle relaxants, and pain medications. Mixing alcohol with drugs can be dangerous and might lead to another illness or even death.

It is essential for us to take note of what we eat, drink, and take with our medicines, or we might end up getting worse instead of healing. And most importantly, read the label of your meds from any Pharmacy in West Palm Beach, Florida, to avoid potentially dangerous reactions.

Ask the staff at our Hispanic Pharmacy when you have questions about your medicine instructions. Your safety and betterment are our priority here at Farmacia Las Americas.

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