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At Farmacia Las Americas, we offer our customers a variety of other services in addition to selling over-the-counter and prescription medicines at affordable rates. For example, we sell prescription medication at a 20-percent discount to patients without health insurance. Here are more reasons why we are a preferred pharmacy in West Palm Beach, Florida.

First, our pharmacists go the extra mile in helping you choose the right supplements and medicines for you and your loved ones, through our medication therapy service. Our medical professionals can answer your questions and concerns about the efficacy of certain medicines and how they interact with other medications, so you can adapt a medicine regimen that is both safe and effective.

As a Hispanic pharmacy, we also have a selection of Hispanic products, including Chanka Piedra, Balsamo Tchakowski, and Mercurocromo, among many others, in addition to our comprehensive selection of vitamins and supplements to promote everyday health. Our other services include having an on-site public notary for all your legal document needs and a blood pressure kiosk, where you can have your blood pressure checked by a professional.

If you are looking for pharmacies in Florida that can deliver orders to your doorstep, we can deliver free of charge to the areas of Lantana to 45th Street and inter-coastal to Wellington. For orders and inquiries, call us at 561-642-7590.

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