How Dangerous Is High Blood Pressure?


Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a prevalent condition experienced by over 1.28 billion adults globally. Hypertension can be treated with medication therapy and lifestyle changes despite its ubiquity. These can also be the reason why many people underestimate the conditions.

As part of a diverse network of pharmacies in Florida, we want everyone to know how dangerous these conditions can be. To raise awareness, let us discuss what may happen when hypertension is left untreated.

Our heart health becomes vulnerable once we suffer hypertension. This condition can damage and weaken our arteries. Our arteries become less elastic, which can limit the flow of blood.

Since your heart is not getting enough supply, this condition can lead to many heart conditions, including coronary heart disease and heart failure.

Of course, with weakened arteries, we become at risk of aneurysms. Pressure pushing on weakened arteries will result in these aneurysms, which will become deadly when ruptured.

Furthermore, our brain health can also be affected when it comes to hypertension. We become susceptible to strokes when our brain doesn’t get enough blood oxygen. This condition is impairing and can be deadly.

Our Hispanic pharmacy knows the dangers of this condition, which is why we have a high blood pressure kiosk where our clients can monitor their blood pressure.

If you need help addressing hypertension and other conditions, our products and services here at Farmacia Las Americas can help you. We are a pharmacy in West Palm Beach, Florida, and we are dedicated to helping you stay healthy. Call us today!

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